AssholeFever Video – Double Penetration

Hi guys! Be sure to check out this latest fresh AssholeFever video we put up today. This sexy brunette came in with only one request for us, to provide two guys with big and hard cocks to fuck her wet holes for the session. So we couldn’t decline an offer from such a hot chick now couldn’t we? Watch those Asshole Fever champs pound away at her tight ass and pussy in a very hard core double penetration, utterly destroying her tight ass an pussy, to her delight. Well since you guys loved last week’s babe we decided to ask her if she’d be willing to do a sort of an encore for you guys with two more studs fucking her.

Of course she said yes on the spot and we were all set. It seems that this naughty little slut just adores fucking hard style and there was no way she would be missing the opportunity to get some more nice and hard cocks inside her for today. Take your time and watch her make her appearance in her sexy leather dress, and see the guys get all over her as they undress her. They also take their time to stretch out her cute little ass properly with their cocks and the babe just loves every second of it. Enjoy her scene and do check out the past updates as well for some more superb and sexy scenes everyone! Also you might enter the site and see other beautiful ladies getting fucked!

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Asshole Fever Videos

For this asshole fever videos update, we had one heck of a girl here for the shoot. Bettina is her name, and dressing extremely slutty and having hardcore sex is her game. Just take a look at that ultra slutty and sexy dress she was dressed in. If that doesn’t make you hard and want to fuck her tight ass nothing will. So don’t hesitate go and check out this assholefever professional get her tight asshole stretched in this fresh video. Well if you were ever curious to see a leather clad mistress and how they love to fuck, then you are in the right place. So just take a seat and have fun with his superb and hot new video that we bring you.

Miss Bettina here is a mistress that enjoys having fun with her sex slave sin some bdsm scenes. But for today she has a scene dedicated just to seeing how she likes to have sex when she takes some time off. And you can pretty much rest assured that the cutie likes it nice and hard every time. This afternoon she had a black stud and a white guy taking care of her ass and sweet pussy and there’s no way you can miss seeing this lovely babe as she gets her nice and fine tight butt penetrated and stretched for today. Watch her having hard core anal sex with the two lucky studs and see you guys next time with more! For similar videos, join the big tit site and see some big titted sluts getting their pussies filled with jizz!

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AssholeFever – Triple cock action

This is just awesome, AssholeFever threw a special halloween party just for this sexy blonde and her tight holes. And we caught all the action on our cameras. It seems she’s all about the saying the more the merrier, as she had no problem working on three guys with three pretty large cocks in this one. She let the AssholeFever guys take turns under her fucking that sweet blonde ass of hers, while continuously blow jobbing one and hand jobbing the other. So yeah her Asshole Fever ass was properly and thoroughly hammered throughout the night. Enjoy this great update everyone and let’s see the cutie fuck without delay.

One can only dream to have a babe as cock hungry and as cute as her for the night, and it seems that these three lucky studs were getting to have all the fun after their little Halloween party tonight. The babe wastes no time to slip out of her slutty little outfit and starts to work on those nice and big cocks without delay as she needs the guys nice and hard for the next part. The first dude gets the honor to fuck her naughty little butt, and the other two have to settle with the babe just sucking them off with her juicy lips or stroking them until their turn comes to shove their cocks balls deep inside her nice and tight ass today! For similar hardcore videos and pics, check out the Passion HD site!

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AssholeFever – Anal Fiesta

For this quick little update AssholeFever had over a hot and sexy blonde for some rough anal pounding. Watch as this little cock hungry blonde slut takes a hard anal fucking from a huge cock. Well you did get to see the sexy blonde fuck anally in the past, and we promised you that we would bring her back. So here is her fresh new scene where she takes this lucky guy and allows her nice and firm ass to be penetrated nice and deep by his hard cock without delay. She was super horny and she wasn’t going to be letting anything stand in her way of getting a nice and hard fuck for today.


When the scene starts, the babe and the guy are already in her room, and she’s quick at work to get him undressed while she kisses him and lets him play with her perky tits as well. Then the blonde little slut whips out his nice and big cock and she just starts sucking and slurping away as the guy gets harder and harder for her. Enjoy as the blonde cutie bends over and presents him with her nice and tight ass that needs to get a good fucking, to which the guy obliges without question. This horny lady adores getting ass fucked, just like the babes from the blog, so enjoy her moaning in pleasure while she gets her ass fucked today and do come back next week again for more fresh and hot content!

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Thai pounding

AssholeFever is proud to present Ling a petite and cute thai girl, that’s just hungry cock in the ass. At first you didn’t think that two such large cocks couldn’t possibly fit into that tight little ass of hers, but oh boy did she prove everyone wrong. She worked those two Asshole Fever studs to exhaustion, just demanding more and more out of them. They just kept going in a circle taking turns to anally pound her for the whole session today and the cutie loved every single moment of it. Let’s see miss Ling as she gets to enjoy some big cocks and let’s get her show started without further due shall we?

When you’d first see miss Ling you would think that this cutie enjoys getting herself some nice and passionate and sweet loving when she has sex. But you couldn’t be further from the truth as this hot Asian babe just loves it hard style. Sit back and watch our petite babe as she takes advantage of these two guys for the afternoon and while the white stud fucks her nice and tight ass, she gets around to suck and slurp on the black stud’s nice and big cock to get him ready as well for her nice and tight ass later on. We think you will have lots of fun with this and we will be taking our leave for now as well. See you guys soon! Until then, visit the site and see some hot teens getting roughly hammered!


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AssholeFever Galleries

Hey there! we have yet another assholefever galleries update in store for you today. This curly haired beauty showed up to us and said that she’s into everything that can put a good stretching in that tight ass and pussy of hers. And as always assholefever is here to oblige. We gave her to enjoy two guys with huge cocks, that just went to town on her round little ass, fucking it like she’d been punished for doing something bad. So let’s see the gorgeous lady letting the two guys enjoy her tight and eager holes for today as she was in for some nice and hot pleasures herself shall we guys and gals?

asshole-fever-curly-blonde-babe-anal-moresome The babe packs one perky and slim body that just makes you want to have her for yourself and the guys were sure going to be taking advantage of her as much as they could. She knows how to work cocks with both her holes as well as her juicy lips, and as her ass is nice and tight she could only take one cock in at a time. But have no fear, as you get to sit back and watch her as she gets her butthole penetrated by a big cock, and until the other guy’s turn comes to fuck her, he gets his nice and big cock sucked and slurped on by this lovely lady. See you guys next week with some more amazing euro teens everyone like always!

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Asshole Fever Pics

For this specific asshole fever pics gallery update we found the hottest blonde, with the tightest ass we could find. Her name’s Mary and she enjoys really rough anal fucking whenever she gets a chance to do so. We didn’t know what to expect when she entered the set, but she sure did catch us by surprise with her assholefever , that pure desire to have your asshole stretched to it’s limits. So go at and see her asshole drilled hardcore until she screams in the anal pleasures she received. We hope she’ll return for more, and judging by the pleased look on her face at the end, she may just do that soon!

And to be fair who could resist the temptations of this sweet and cute blonde. Mary here is a sexy little blonde woman that always knows what she wants and she was fancying getting some nice cock in her butt for the afternoon. Take your time and enjoy the sweet and hot little lady as she lets the dude fuck her ass hard style while she spreads open her long sexy legs on the bed and enjoys the nice anal stretching that she got. She loves getting her tight ass stretched by big cocks, so we hope that you will like it as much as she enjoyed her fucking, and you can bet that you will be seeing this cute blonde babe in a future update once more. Have fun with her scene everyone!


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Lesbian Anal Threesome

AssholeFever brings you the hottest update yet. Just watch these two sluts getting their asses fucked hard style. They almost drained the guy of all his energy and jizz at the end. Such cock hungry ladies are a rare sight and we bet that you will just adore watching them in action for today’s little update without delay everyone. So let’s just sit back and see them going for a superb afternoon anal fuck with this lucky guy shall we? We bet you are eager to see the little cute babes in action as well without delay.

asshole-fever-lesbian-anal-threesome The two sexy babes decided to have some nice and hard cock fucking their tight asses nice and deep today, and this guy was the perfect catch for them. Sit back and watch this superb scene get started with the babes as they get all over the guy eager to reveal his nice and big cock for the next part. And after a superb and long cock sucking session to get the stud nice and hard, you get to see the cute brown haired babe as she presents her sweet little ass for a fucking. And she is followed by her blonde buddy soon after as she also wants to get her ass fucked hard. We’ll come back asap with some extra videos! Until then, enter the site and see other gorgeous babes getting their tight asses stretched by big fat cocks! Stay tuned, we have a lot of surprises for you!

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Asshole Fever Models

For this asshole fever models update we have Iona, a skinny blonde babe with a passion for getting her ass fucked by some huge cock. She just loves the summer and guys with with huge cocks. And to boot this dude has his own private boat. And she loved every minute of him fucking her tight ass all afternoon. You won’t regret this blonde’s assholefever as she gets anally abused. And what a superb show you will be in for today as you get to see this cute and sexy curly haired blonde today. She gets her nice and cute little butt stretched and we think that you will adore her lovely scene today without doubt!

Well this sexy little cutie has such and sweet and cute petite body, and we bet that each and every one of you guys are already fantasizing about her lovely and sexy shapes. Sit back and watch as this sexy little woman gets to undress and get anally fucked today. The whole scene took place on a boat, as the dude drove them to a nice secluded spot where they could have some nice and hard style private sex. Sit back and watch our short haired cutie here as she takes that huge cock deep inside her tiny ass and see her moaning in pleasure while she gets fucked anally today. We hope you’ll like it and we’ll be seeing you guys next week with more! For similar hardcore anal sex videos and pics check out Mike Adriano‘s blog!


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AssholeFever – Henessys anal massage

Henessys came in today looking for a job. And her new boss started to interview her; he asked her what her skills are and she just said she has a really bad AssholeFever that needs to be sorted out. Surely the boss got what she meant and just put her doggie style on one of the chairs in his office, and just pounded away at that hot ass. Watch her get that classy Asshole Fever pounding , and see what came out of her job interview. Either way you can bet that it was truly amazing and hot with this little cute babe. So let’s not waste anymore time and see her in action without further delays today shall we?

asshole-fever-henessys-anal-massage As sexy miss Henessy’s scene starts off, you get to see this babe entering her employer’s office wearing her cute little outfit that she decided to wear today as she bet it would make quite an impression on her boss for the afternoon. The guy was going to test her thoroughly as he was in dire need of help as a boss. He needs this fresh and tight ass to come in his office and get fucked by his nice and big cock without question. and since this babe is pretty slutty herself she decided she was up for the job today. Sit back and watch her getting her anally tested today by a big cock shoved deep inside her! For similar anal sex videos and picture galleries, check out the blog and have fun watching some slutty mommies getting their tight asses stretched to the limits!

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